2 weeks ago, 10 of the most promising teams from #SOIMPACT Bootcamp came to pitch for the chance to win $10 000 worth of seed funding. The stress was palpable, with each team hoping that their ideas would be good enough to win. Yet, the environment at DBS SCAPE (DBS was the programme’s sponsor) was a friendly one— Teams got together to share their ideas; joke, laugh, encourage and support one another.

The 3-week program started off with a full day workshop for the 32 aspiring social entrepreneurs, equipping them with relevant skills set such as customer discovery, prototyping and user testing. Through the 3-weeks, teams were also given specialized, individual coaching sessions by experienced entrepreneurs on how to refine, develop and test their products or services.

“We learnt a lot from fellow entrepreneurs and all the ideas they have” said Ilayana, 34, cofounder of Junior Art Lab, one of the 3 finalists. “The insights from the coaches were really helpful in helping us work towards our goal.”

Renowned entrepreneurs such as Elim Chew, founder of 77 th street and I am Kim BBQ, were among the judges for #SOIMPACT Bootcamp.

The energy, tenacity and positivity shown by the participants were nothing short of admirable. The desire to give- generously and unselfishly, back to society, should never be derided off as mere idealism. Entrepreneurs can make real, concrete changes to this world, with no idea too big, no action too small.

Perhaps, it is the simple act of having hope, the resilience to still want the best for our society that makes this world a much better place to live in.

Along with *SCAPE, UNFRAMED will be holding its next #SOIMPACT Bootcamp on the topic of Food in June 2017. Applications are opening 10 April 2017, so do look out for us!

About UNFRAMED: UNFRAMED is a training academy and accelerator which builds entrepreneurs for great impact! Through our hands-on trainings and startup programs, we equip the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders with the right skills, network and resources to build great startups. We leverage community engagement, entrepreneurship and technology to accelerate positive change in our society! #beUNFRAMED, join us at www.unframed.so