AbleThrive is a one-stop platform curating the best articles, videos, products & services for living well with a disability, from around the world
AgingCare is developing GetPills, a concierge service, to help the elderly with multiple medical prescriptions simplify the process of purchasing and consuming medicine
Be-Lift is an event portal for persons with acquired disabilities to regain control & redefine their lives by choosing their own programs & activities
BevEat is a fully integrated technology solution for F&B outlets to increase productivity while enabling employment for persons with disabilities
Caregiver Companion is a mobile tool that helps relieve caregivers of their burdens by creating easy access to nursing care plans, automatically customized based on a family’s care requirements
Colhero is an e-commerce website bringing social-good & mainstream fashion products from a multitude of sources into one single platform
Comp-O-Bot develops a cost-effective technological solutions in eldercare and rehabilitation to help the elderly preserve functional dependence as they age, with a gesture-based gaming platform
Hosebo is developing Groovee, a smartphone app with complementary hardware, to help the elderly lead active lifestyles with a jamming device that transforms physical movements into music
Memento Health’s flagship product, Goldilocks, is a game application targeted at patients with dementia and their caregivers, to improve their well-being by creating easy access to customized dementia therapy
PsychKick is a therapy-assisting tool allowing psychotherapists to foster more engaging & effective relationships with mental health clients
Senior Active is developing a web platform to engage its network of talents in rehabilitation services that integrate the younger generation with the elderly, as well as Heritage Cooking Classes which provide income opportunities for the elderly.
(these)abilities is a community-based platform involving persons with disabilities in building solutions to their own needs, through technology & design
Workbean is an online platform that empowers experienced and senior professionals by training, managing and deploying them on outsourcing services for businesses
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