Organizations who want to collaborate with us and provide value to the community of social impact entrepreneurs and to other communities as well

Organizations seeking to turn their employees into intrapreneurs by providing them with the right mindset, resources and skills

Partner with us


Co-organiser , main funder for whole programme, or white-labelled programme partner


In-kind support , co-organiser for one/a few events,


Key support for UNFRAMED across programmes, to increase capacity or capabilities

Why you should partner with us


As a programme or supporting partner

Unique Branding

Direct association of your brand and your organization with leading social innovation programmes

Social Innovations

Help support promising entrepreneurs and their innovative startups, and multiply social and environmental impact

Staff Engagement

Leverage your organization skills and assets, and get first-hand exposure to social innovation and entrepreneurship


As a strategic partner

Thought Leadership

Your brand and organization will be uniquely associated to us, across all programmes, events & activities

Greater Social Impact

By supporting the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders, you will help foster greater social and environmental impact

Knowledge Sharing

As a key resource provider, you will access a unique body of knowledge, insights, and information about social impact entrepreneurs, startups and specific causes ​

Intrapreneurship Programme

We offer customised programmes such as skills-based volunteering programmes, mentorship programmes and topical workshops

Why you should join our programme


UNFRAMED will conceptualize, plan and execute the programme with and for your organization, customized to your specific needs

Intrapreneurship Skills

Get your staff engaged in skills based volunteering or mentoring session with the programme’s teams, developing intrapreneurs and awareness on social impact

Social Impact Community

Leverage the largest social impact ecosystem composed of cross-sector organizations, startups and individuals

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