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Makanpreneur is a four-month holistic training programme that offers food sustainability related startups with comprehensive support from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts. A joint initiative by UNFRAMED and Croeni Foundation, this programme will equip the next Makanpreneurs with critical skills and knowledge, an extensive network, and strategic partnerships to develop sustainable food alternatives. Successful applicants will join a community of like-minded changemakers and gain access to Singapore’s largest social impact network of cross-sector organisations and experts.

What are we are looking for?

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to change the food industry. From improving our food sources, to reducing our carbon footprint in food transportation, to innovative products or apps that help to cut down food waste and share leftovers, all ideas are welcome!

Start-up Support Includes

    • In-kind support valued at SGD10,000 per startup with:
      • Access to regular training courses and workshops.
      • Bi-weekly 1-1 coaching by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts.
      • Privileged access to Singapore’s largest social impact network of cross-sector organisations and experts, comprising for-impact startups and entrepreneurs, corporates, nonprofits, government, funders, etc.
      • Invitations to exclusive and relevant community events.
      • Pitching opportunities and direct access to follow-on funding partners.
      • Media coverage and other PR opportunities.
      • Opt-in Crowdfunding top up: If startups choose to start a crowdfunding campaign, we provide up to to S$2,000 matching funding per team for the top teams, based on the crowdfunded amount and number of backers

Partners and Communities open to Makanpreneurs

Programme Details

  • Workshops and coaching sessions will be mostly held after work hours, from the second week of November 2017 to March 2018
  • Detailed schedule will be released to successful applicants.

Apply Now!

Applications close in less than 10 days!

We will contact you to find out more about your startup through the information provided above by 30th Sept. 

 Prepare to pitch to our panel of experts on 2nd - 9th Oct.


  • 17th Sept: Online Applications close
  • 30th Sept: Panel assess progress of each team's crowdfunding campaign
  • From 2nd - 9th Oct: Teams pitch to panel of experts
  • 16th Oct: Successful applicants notified
  • 17th Nov 2017 - 23rd Mar 2018: Makanpreneur Programme starts  


How broad is your definition of Food Sustainability?

  • We take our definition from the European Commission:
  • "For food, a sustainable system might be seen as encompassing a range of issues such as security of the supply of food, health, safety, affordability, quality, a strong food industry in terms of jobs and growth and, at the same time, environmental sustainability, in terms of issues such as climate change, biodiversity, water and soil quality." 
  • If you're not sure, drop us an email at be@unframed.so!

Can I sign up if I already have a business?

Yes. We accept applications from all stages of business, from idea, to prototype, to ready to market, and even established businesses looking to reach the next level.

Can I sign up if I dont have a crowdfunding campaign set up?

Yes, we have have taken your feedback into consideration, and made crowdfunding optional. Our current selection criteria will only be based on the online submission, and our follow-up assessment.