As the Beatles so aptly sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends”. The road to success doesn’t have to be a lonely one. From our own entrepreneurship experience at UNFRAMED, we believe that meeting the right mentors can be the single point of success, or largely contribute to it.

Great mentors are the shortcut to curated knowledge and connections we often lack as first-time entrepreneurs. Having been there done that, they prevent us from making all the mistakes we would make as beginners, but thanks to them do not have to. That’s why we are bringing together the best line up of mentors, both seasoned entrepreneurs and food industry veterans to help you in your journey as a Makanpreneur.

Here are some of the mentors involved in Makanpreneur!

Jan Croeni, Founder, Croeni Foundation

Principal of our co-organiser, Croeni Foundation, Jan is a  serial entrepreneur-turned philanthropist, who is passionate about happier and healthier humans and animals. He is an experienced mentor, advisor and investor to start-ups and incubators, with a special focus on cause-related ventures, social enterprises and for-impact companies, mentoring in areas ranging from branding to business development and high growth.


Nichol Ng, Managing Director, The Food Bank Singapore

Managing Director, The Food Bank Singapore, Nichol is eager in reducing food wastage in Singapore. Food Bank acquire donated food, that would be wasted otherwise, from farms, manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, consumers, and other sources, and make it available to those in need through a network of member beneficiaries.


Laura Allen, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Gone Adventurin’

Laura is passionate about circular economy, waste management, and the future of food. The co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Gone Adventurin’, Laura has immense knowledge about the food industry and will be able to provide necessary guidance on setting the directions of your food sustainability ideas and initiatives.    


Lance Frey, founder and former-CEO of Food Runner

Founder and former-CEO for a regional food delivery business in South East Asia, Lance is a results-oriented manager with proven ability to build strong digital organizations, and is knowledgeable about the food industry in Singapore and beyond, necessary if you are interested to regionalised your food sustainability ideas and initiatives.


Patsian Low, Social Impact Consultant

A consultant and capacity-builder for social economy, venture philanthropy and non-profit sector, and can add value to clients’ breakthrough strategic and operational efforts, and roadmaps for complex, multi-disciplinary initiatives, to provide the highest impact. Patsian crosses the fields of social finance, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, non-profit leadership and commercial finance in the US and Asia and can provide you the best experience in the social entrepreneurship sector.


Jeff Kwan, Director, Social Enterprise/Employment Development, MINDS

Jeff has initiated and launched several needs-based programs during his current secondment at MINDS, including MINDS water, MINDS Farm, MINDS Village and MIND Social Combinator. Jeff is also very active in the local social enterprises scene. He has been invited and served on several social enterprise selections, advisory, mentoring and judging panels.

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