In a 100% urbanised Singapore, it is hard to find farming grounds anywhere in this concrete jungle with only 5% of our land is dedicated for agricultural purposes. But did you know that we have community farms here? Community farms respect human-nature interaction and grow food sustainably that are healthier for the people and the environment, and boost food security for the next generation at close proximity to your backyard. This is the aim of Makanpreneur where food sustainability is promoted even in the daily lives of an individual. Plan to visit one this weekend and let your little ones to be in touch with nature, or maybe as a deviation away from your usual weekend date.

P.S. Community farms are not only found at Lim Chu Kang if you think that’s the case.

  1. Community in Bloom initiative by NParks

This initiative started more than 10 years ago, but how many of you have actually been to your community garden at the back of your backyard or have you even heard of it? We have close to 1,000 community gardens across Singapore, engaging more than 20,000 residents, some of them even growing bananas and papayas (your typically farmed fruits). Head over to your closest community garden today, and be drawn closer to nature in our cityscape with things ranging from vegetables to fruits to herbs.

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Many of us think that to volunteer, you have to go far away. But there's so much you can do in this Little Red Dot to make it a better home for all. Don’t believe us? We brought our Rookie Volunteer, Joyce, around the island to try four different volunteering activities. First up, it's Marine Parade to put her gardening skills to good use! #CityofGood

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2. Comcrop Singapore

Connecting people through food. This is indeed the case at Comcrop, where they engage members of the elderly and differently abled populations in their farming process, and make meaningful bonds through farming. However, they are only open to the public on the first Saturday of the month from 1030-12pm, so you have got your next month’s outing settled!

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3. Ground Up Initiative

Located at Kranji, this is by far the closest, in this list, to your imagination of where agricultural/farming spaces are in Singapore. Fancy a unique dining experience? Drop by their Poison Ivy Bistro, where they serve local and fusion cuisine. In addition, be part of their farm activities and connect with nature. Do note that you need to pre-book these activities in advance to not go on a wasted trip.

Photo Credits: Ground Up Initiative

4. Heartland Farmers

Easties, not to fret, you do not have to travel far to visit a community farm. There is one at Tampines, UWCSEA East Campus, where a group of enthusiastic gardeners/farmers will get together to grow some homegrown veggies, and share their harvest with the community that drops by their garden. Look at their schedule here.

Photo Credits: Heartland Farmers

5. Edible Garden City  

Also, one of our Makanpreneur partners not only allow you to visit their community farms, you can also be en route to being an urban farmer with them through volunteering and other opportunities. You can also gain knowledge of growing food in an environmentally responsible way. Check out their website to learn more.

Photo credits: Edible Garden City

6. Foodscape Collective

BONUS: If you are too lazy to visit a community farm this weekend, drop by to collect FREE samples ranging from vegetables to fruits to herbs. Learn more about growing food in your home from the people at Foodscape Collective and also take a look at their amazing Google Maps and ArcGIS map on the various farms available for collection of free food.

Photo Credits: Foodscape Collective

Have your own initiatives and ideas on how to make community farming more feasible in the urbanised cityscape of Singapore? You are the one we are looking for.

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