After months of intense preperation, our application for Makanpreneur has started.  Makanpreneur is a four month training programme that offers innovative food startups with comprehensive support from industry experts. A joint initiative by UNFRAMED and Croeni Foundation, the programme will equip the next Makanpreneurs with critical skills, network, and strategic partnerships to develop sustainable food alternatives.


You might ask how this idea came about?

We saw a gap in the support given to these budding food sustainability entrepreneurs in the ecosystem, especially amidst a rapidly growing population where feeding and nourishment pose a gargantuan problem to the food industry. Where problems lay, entrepreneurs see opportunity. With the need to increase food supply by 70% by in 2050, the demand for more food innovations and sustainability is huge, and this sparks Makanpreneur.

Interested to support our cause and help to enhance food sustainability in Singapore? Be a Makanprenuer.

How to be a Makanpreneur?

It’s simple. Really! It just takes you three steps to be one.

First, fill in our online application form at AND launch your crowdfunding campaign on You might ask why crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is one of the fastest ways to gain awareness and support for your initiative.

Next, demonstrate your potential to us and our panel of experts in the food sustainability field, and short-listed applicants will can a chance to pitch to our esteemed panel.

Lastly, just wait for the announcement of our 6 successful applicants. Want to know if you are one of them? You will know by 16 October, so stay tuned!

And the key date you need to know? 17 September!! Why? This is the date where our application closes. But don’t wait until then, as one of our judging criteria is by the awareness and support you have garnered throughout the crowdfunding period, so starting early definitely have benefits to you.

Looking forward to hearing about your impactful ideas at