“8 in 10 Singaporeans would prefer to stay in their own homes when they age.” This is the research done by Lien Foundation, but government statistics show otherwise where only 27% of the population end their lives in the comfort in their home.

Why is this the case? This is primarily due to the lack of technical expertise and know-hows among family members specifically in caring for their sick patients at home.

How do we overcome this and let more patients end their lives in the comfort of their home? Jaga-Me! What? Jaga is a Malay word meaning: to care for, to protect. Jaga-Me is a start-up company, supported by UNFRAMED  as part of the first Singtel Future Makers programme, that provides professional home care services to patients and help to relieve the stress and lostness from the family members.

But i am not a nurse, how do i touch the lives of others? Fret not, you don’t have to be a nurse to touch the lives of others. All you need is a compassionate heart that cares for these patients that are unable to end their lives in comfort.

Jaga-Me is rolling out Project Going Home, where your donations count in changing the last days of the patients. What’s more is that Singtel is going to match your contribution and that goes to helping double the amount of patient that you originally helped.

Act now, and begin touching the lives of others. For more information, refer to https://give.asia/movement/grant_their_final_wish_to_be_home_with_their_families.