For intrapreneurs or aspiring intrapreneurs, we offer various types of events that can provide you with the right mindset, resources and skills to help you achieve social impact

A la Carte Offerings


A 9h-course that delivers in depth knowledge on a specific topic. All our courses have gotten approved fundings by Skills Future Singapore. This means that any Singaporean aged 25 years and above can use its Skills Future credits to pay for the courses. A certificate will be delivered at the end of each course.


A 3-hour workshop taught by first-hand entrepreneurs and practitioners focusing on a specific entrepreneurship related topic around business sustainability, innovation and product development, impact definition and marketing



A 3-hour topical presentation by industry experts, typically co-branded and organised with a credible partner for the given topic (e.g. on crowdfunding)


Community Events

A moderated 2-hour panel discussion with topical/industry expert guest speakers, followed-up by networking

Special Programmes


Start-up Skills Programme

Start-up skills Programme is an All-in-1 programme aimed at equipping current & aspiring entrepreneurs with significant & relevant start-up skills

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