Following our last week’s posts, we will be continuing on our series “Why you should join Singtel Future Makers 2017?”.

Today’s topic will be on Funding, that is available when YOU and YOUR START UP if you are our next Future Maker.

1. Pool of $140k grant available to all successful start-ups and an extra $60k funding is available if you are our most promising startup and are ready to scale your operations regionally!

Each of our startups receiving the first tranche of the $20k funding during the Programme Kick-Off Award Ceremony 

2. Crowdfunding opportunities on to leverage upon and expanding the funding opportunities for you beyond the programme funding. Our 2016 Future Makers has leveraged UNFRAMED’s site on crowdfunding platform to raise awareness and support for their respective social causes. We currently have an additional $26k funding for our Future Makers 2016 to reach their impact goals. Every support goes a long way for our Future Makers, and do support them here and make a difference to someone’s life today!

3. Privileged access to funders. Our Future Makers were introduced directly to investors and grant makers including Singtel Innov8, AVPN, raiSE, SG Enable. Under UNFRAMED’s coaching and guidance, our start-ups have been shortlisted for funding opportunities by our partners such as raiSE’s Venture for Good‘s (up to $300k each) to reach their impact goals.

Our startups pitching to the funders 

#beUNFRAMED and don’t limit the potential of your startup just because of funding constraints. Join Singtel Future Makers 2017 programme today and receive up to S$20,000 grant per start-up, along with other support such as competency workshops, mentoring, networking and the opportunity to scale regionally.

Application for Round 1 closes on 23rd April 2017  (assessment on a rolling basis). 

Stay tune to our next blog series to find out more!